Encourage parents to immerse their child in a world of music

  • Suggest to parents that they open their child’s ears to different kinds of music, as well as the styles that they are used to.
  • You never know what a child may enjoy, and if they’ve recently lost their sight, they may be open to new worlds of sound for the first time.
  • Offer to make families playlists that include something new each week.
  • If the child is no longer able to express preferences, include music that their peers of the same age enjoy listening to.

Support parents in enabling their child to hear live music as well as recordings

  • Encourage parents to record live musical events and experiences for future reference if they can. Remind them to label files fully so they can find them again!
  • If the child still has some sight, help them to build up visual memories of people making music: singing, playing and dancing.
  • At music performance venues, see if it is possible see if the child and their parents can go backstage if possible, so they can see and feel instruments, costumes and props.

Think of the music and sounds that surround a child

  • Encourage parents to make their child aware of music and musical sounds in their local community.
  • Maybe they could hear the call to prayer in a mosque, music in temples, church bells, the music in shops and shopping malls, buskers, etc.
  • Suggest that they make videos of events and activities that their child shows a particular interest in for future reference.
  • Urge them, wherever possible, to make the connection between the music and place, event or activity, by showing their child round a mosque or temple or a church, for example.

Make the most of digital sounds

  • Help parents start a collection of digital sounds.
  • Record ringtones, sound effects on computers, the beeps of a microwave oven, car indicators, etc.
  • Explore online with the child to see if you can find others.
  • Encourage the child to share their collection of sounds with other relatives and friends – can they guess where all the sounds came from? Can they suggest others? Who can collect the most?